Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stampington Publications

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Here is a Quick Reference Guide:

Altered Couture: Don't throw your old clothes away ... let Altered Couture give you the inspiration you need to give new life to all of your garments! Each issue of Altered Couture will show you how easy it is to reinvent almost any piece of clothing as a wearable work of art!

Art Doll Quarterly: Art Doll Quarterly is dedicated to artful handmade dolls and sculptural figures. Each issue includes doll patterns, challenges, artist profiles, a doll gallery, and more. If you're seeking creative ideas and tips for doll-making, then look no further than this spectacular title.

Artists' Cafe: Celebrate the best moments from more than a decade in print with Artists' Cafe. Each annual issue revisits exceptional articles from past issues of Somerset Studio, allowing you to revisit favourite techniques and reconnect with admired artists.

Belle Armoire: Take part in the art of personal expression through exquisitely-made garments, accessories and jewelry with Belle Armoire. Every bi-monthly issue is devoted to handmade fashions and wearable-art projects. Features include designer profiles, garment galleries and how-to articles.

Belle Armoire Jewelry: Whether your passion is wire-wrapping, beading, tatting, glass-working, or clay, each quarterly issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry is a must-have resource for artists wanting to try jewelry-making and those with experience that are looking to advance their skills.

Life Images: Life Images is an annual collection of amazing amateur and professional photography. It also gives readers a unique glimpse of the story behind the image through thoughtful written excerpts, including prose, poetry and quotations.

Sew Somerset: Artists in all media are discovering the joy of combining sewn elements with mixed-media projects, showing the world that stitches are not just for fabric anymore! From cards to collages, Sew Somerset will show you how to add stitching into projects in innovative ways.

Somerset Holidays & Celebrations: Holidays and celebrations are moments to cherish and remember, and can be made even more special with handmade projects. Learn how to create a lasting impression for your friends and family with each annual issue of Somerset Holidays & Celebrations.

Somerset Home: Somerset Home beautifully blends together the look of Somerset Studio with functional items that we use every day in our homes. The result is a truly distinctive annual magazine that exemplifies artful living.

Somerset Life: Somerset Life shows you how attention to the little things in life can enhance your daily living. Contemporary and romantic photographs accompany stories that offer simple and accessible ideas that will help transform ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

Somerset Studio: Combining mixed-media and paper art techniques in each bi-monthly issue, Somerset Studio is perfect for intermediate to advanced artists looking for information, inspiration and the latest innovations in paper-crafts.

Somerset Studio Gallery: Somerset Studio Gallery is filled with hundreds of samples of extraordinary artwork presented up close and in detail. Whether your passion is rubber stamping, calligraphy or paper-crafting, this publication features everything you love about Somerset Studio in a lush, 200-page format.

Somerset Workshop: Now you can take a workshop from a Somerset artist right in the comfort of your own home! Somerset Workshop provides clearly illustrated project instructions from top artists that are shown in detail from start-to-finish.

The Stampers' Sampler: Discover hundreds of ideas for using rubber stamps! Stamped projects created by artists all over the world fill the inspiring pages of The Stampers' Sampler. With nearly 200 pieces in every bi-monthly issue, these pages are packed with exciting features and departments.

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

History of Women and Crafts

Crafts were originally born out of necessity and considered "Women's work" either done at home or in the workplace. Women wove cloth, spun yarn, sewed clothing and other household goods. When the industrial revolution happened, machinery was created to mass produce many items that were once handmade. So women's role in society began to change, and so did the role of handcrafted items, moving from necessary tasks to mostly leisure activities.

In the past, different crafts have seen rises and falls in popularity, depending on the state of the economy, social causes, and world events at the time. In the 1950s there was a rise in do-it-yourself projects; the 1970s saw an interest in macrame; in the 1980s decorative painting was all the rage; and the millennium saw the rise of scrapbooking. Through the years needle crafts such as sewing, quilting, cross stitch, needlepoint, crochet and knitting have easily adapted to the tastes of time, and have given these crafts a lasting power that will continue for years to come.

Today, we are in the midst of the "Indie Craft" movement, where people are taking to creating crafts to relax and unplug from today's high-tech world. People tend to prefer the term "crafter" rather than limiting themselves to one category such as needle crafter. They tend to do multiple activities, have a willingness to try new crafts and mix techniques. As much as they want to unplug from technology, they also use this resource to achieve the results they want, learn more about their crafts, get inspired, and/or show off what they created. These crafters also view crafting as a way to express themselves, and show social consciousness.

There is a growing interest in "Green" crafts which are environmentally friendly by either use of recycled materials, easily replenished or sustainable materials, or eco-friendly products. Along with this there is a strong desire for individualism, by customizing a pre-made item to make it one's own or even creating items from scratch. "Indie Crafts" tend to find inspiration from different eras in history, fantasy, movies, music, and the world around them. They view what they are doing as paying homage to the crafters of the past by taking the techniques and applying them in new and interesting ways.

Did you know? The solid colours of DMC Embroidery Floss and Pearl Cotton bear the Oeko-Tex Label, confirming that the dyes used meet human ecology standards with respect to harmful substances.

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